Practical Location Markers for Sports, Landscaping, and Recreation

PLeeFiX™ Markers - Versatile, Simple, Durable

The PLeeFiX™ location marker is a unique, synthetic marking implement shaped like grass tufts and comes in a wide variety of colors. PLeeFiX™ location markers are simple to use, easy to plant, durable, rust proof, ultra-violet resistant, mowing resistant, visible while discrete, and most importantly safe.

PLeeFiX™ location markers are used to indicate objects in grassy areas such as buried water mains, cables, septic tanks, sewers, and areas under repair. PLeeFiX™ is the optimal marker to signify pathways and a wide variety of sports fields including football, baseball, soccer, hockey, golf, and lacrosse.

Pleefix Colors

PLeeFiX™ Offers Unmatched Versatility For Athletics

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Field Hockey

Planting a PLeeFiX™ is EASY Watch Our Installation Video