The PLeeFiX™ location marker is manufactured so that the spiral cone can be planted in natural grass. Every PLeeFiX™ location marker must be planted into soil using the manufactured, purpose-made safety cap and provided driving tool. There is one safety cap and one driving tool provided in each box. Do not use any other tool or object to drive in the markers.

The spiral cone must not be visible to the naked eye and only the fibers should be seen when planted correctly. If the spiral cone is visible, the PLeeFiX™ markers have not been planted properly which will increase the likelihood of an injury. After planting, the fibers should then be surrounded by sand for protection and better visibility of the fiber colors.

Planting Instructions:

  1. Insert the SAFETY CAP by pressing the stem into the DRIVING TOOL.
  2. Push the PLeeFiX™ location marker 3/4 of an inch into the ground. (On clay surfaces and/or hard soil surfaces, using a small chisel, make a 4-inch-deep hole where the PLeeFiX™ will be located, pour a small amount of water into the hole to soften the soil.)
  3. Place the DRIVING TOOL with the SAFETY CAP over the spiral cone with the fibers inside the tube of the DRIVING TOOL. (The larger DRIVING TOOL opening should be placed on top of the PLeeFiX™ location marker and the smaller opening should have been used to insert the stem of the safety cap.)
  4. Using a mallet, strike the SAFETY CAP and driving tool until the “STOP” mark located on the DRIVING TOOL reaches ground level. This will ensure that 1 ½ inch of the fibers will be inside the ground and 1 3/16 inch of the fibers are above ground. The final position and depth of the marker depends upon the height of the mowed grass. When mowing closer to the ground, adjust the PLeeFiX™ location marker height accordingly.
  5. Remove the DRIVING TOOL with the SAFETY CAP.
  6. Pour a handful of sand into the fibers to fill the gap between the fibers, and gently hit the fibers with the head of the iron mallet. (See our video.)
  7. It’s done!

For more details, review the Instructions for the Planting of the PLeeFiX™ markers (PDF).

Note: When meeting serious resistance when planting the PLeeFiX™ marker, check to make sure that a hard surface such as a stone, roots, or other obstacles do not hinder the planting. Do NOT force the marker by hitting the safety cap numerous times. Remove the marker. Check the inside of the hole. If needed, use a small chisel to remove the obstacle. Once cleared, fully replant the marker.

REMEMBER to use sand to separate the fibers. If you fail to place sand between the fibers, the fibers will stick together and they will be less likely to be seen by the naked eye. DO NOT place concrete around the PLeeFiX™ markers or between the fibers.