Landscape and lawn sprinkler markersAnyone who has damaged sprinkler heads knows that it is difficult to remember where each one is located each time mowing or maintenance is performed. Lawn care and landscaping can be made easier by installing PLeeFiX™ location markers. PLeeFiX™ location markers will assist in marking the location of sprinkler heads, other in ground items, paths, property edges or other zones that require special attention. Markers are available in several bright colors helping to distinguish where caution or care needs to be taken. They can also be used to assist in marking where plants and trees should be planted - a straight line can be marked by pulling a cord or string between two markers as well.

PLeeFiX™ location markers can be planted in any grassy area and, with proper care, will stay in place for years to come. Unlike other location markers, PLeeFiX™ location markers are made of a synthetic material that is UV resistant and rust proof. PLeeFiX™ resemble grass tufts ensuring they are prominent enough to be seen yet discrete, blending in with grass. Installation is easy with the only tools required being a safety cap and driving tool (included in each box), and a non-provided mallet. (See the Installation page for more details.)

PLeeFiX™ location markers are mowing resistant, but care should be taken when performing lawn care services. This includes aeration, coring, scarification & raking, and verticutting. Proper care and attention must be taken to avoid damage or driving the markers deeper into the dirt.

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