Please carefully review all of the safety instructions provided prior to installing the PLeeFiX™ location markers. Below is a summary and not a complete copy of the Safety Notice. Read all instructions, warnings and disclaimers in the full Safety Notice before planting and using the PLeeFiX™ location markers.

  • Only use the PLeeFiX™ location markers in the ways described in the PLeeFiX™ Safety Notice. Failure to follow the PLeeFiX™ Safety Notice and Instructions for the planting of PLeeFiX™ markers could result in serious injury and/or property damage.
  • The PLeeFiX™ marker was manufactured for the spiral cone to be planted in the grass. The spiral cone must not be visible to the naked eye. Only the fibers should be visible when planted correctly. The fibers should be surrounded by sand to protect them, in order for the colored fibers to be seen properly. If the spiral cone is visible, the PLeeFiX™ location markers have not been planted correctly which will increase the likelihood of an injury. 
  • PLeeFiX™ markers have different uses, but are always used as reference points in natural grass sport play areas, in athletic stadiums, as indicators of underground water pipes, gas lines, cemetery markers, electrical cables, underground tanks, etc. There may be other uses for the product that PointMarkers Inc. is unaware of. If questions about the usage of PLeeFiX™ location markers arise, please contact PointMarkers lnc.'s support line, sales@pointmarkers.com.
  • PLeeFiX™ location markers are intended for natural grass fields, not for synthetic fields.
  • If PLeeFiX™ location markers are not installed correctly as indicated in the Instructions for the planting of PLeeFiX™ location markers, it could cause bodily harm to any individual walking or running over the PLeeFiX™ markers. 
  • PLeeFiX™ location markers should not be used for any other purpose other than x reference points in natural grass fields.


  • PointMarkers Inc. disclaims any responsibility for injuries or damages sustained by any person or property caused by improper use or improper installation of the PLeeFiX™ location markers by the purchaser, or by any other person.
  • PointMarkers Inc. is not responsible for improper planting or removal of the PLeeFiX™ location markers.
  • PointMarkers Inc. cannot be held liable for the deliberate misuse of the "Instructions for the planting of PLeeFiX™ location markers".


This Limited Warranty becomes effective only if BUYER completes the online Warranty Certificate. The online Warranty Certificate can be accessed HERE . Completion of the Warranty Certificate will be required only one time for each customer.