Underground Marking

Underground markingRemeasuring and determining the location of underground utilities and other buried objects can be a hassle. PLeeFiX™ location markers are a great easy way to identify the locations of underground items. PLeeFiX™ location markers can be planted in grassy areas indicating underground objects such as buried water mains, cables, septic tanks, sewers, and areas under repair. The markers are available in various colors including green, yellow, red, white, orange and blue. Different colors can be used in the same lawn to distinguish between alternate types of underground objects. For example, blue can show where water lines for sprinklers are laid and red can be used as a warning indicating where electrical wires are buried.

PLeeFiX™ markers are made of recycled polypropylene and are designed to resemble a tuft of grass. They are UV resistant and, with proper care, can last for years without becoming dislodged or fading. PLeeFiX™ location markers are intended to be used in any grassy area and are easily spotted when digging or performing lawn maintenance. Installation is easy with the only tools required being the driving tool that is included in each box and a non-provided mallet. (See the Installation page for more details.)

PLeeFiX™ location markers are mowing resistant, but care should be taken when performing lawn care services. This includes aeration, coring, scarification & raking, and verticutting. Proper care and attention must be taken to avoid damage or driving the markers deeper into the dirt.

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